Secret chamber found inside King Tut's famous tomb may solve hunt for Nefertiti . Secret chamber in King Tut’s tomb could hide Queen Nefertiti – but British scientists can’t solve burial puzzle Charlotte Edwards , Digital Technology and Science Reporter 8 Jul 2019, 13:01 And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exists countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained. 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Eldamaty and his supporters weren’t ready to let the possibility of hidden chambers go - the survey results were mixed and solving the mystery was too inviting, and as he told Nature, “I never give up easily.” This time the survey is different. Questions have inevitably arisen about possible links to Nefertiti, and whether archaeologists will peek behind the walls to find room after room filled with the dazzling grave goods of the long-lost queen. Many believe she held as much power as the pharaoh himself. But this time experts are searching from a different angle. One major problem of this theory is that neither Ay or his wife Tey are explicitly called the father and mother of Nefertiti in existing sources. King Tut's tomb is something of an anomaly, due to the fact that the layout and art seem to have been designed for a queen rather than a king. “Clearly there is something on the other side of the north wall of the burial chamber.”, According to Nature, “some Egyptologists believe that immediately before Tut’s reign in the 14th century BC, Nefertiti, whose daughter was married to Tut, briefly ruled as pharaoh. Are we getting closer to finding the elusive burial of Nefertiti? That is Egypt’s capital. Has Nefertiti’s final resting place finally been found? Researchers, “led by archaeologist Mamdouh Eldamaty, a former Egyptian minister of antiquities, (who) used ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to scan the area immediately around Tutankhamun’s tomb and gave an exclusive glimpse of the findings to Nature Magazine. In 2018 the Egyptian authorities declared that, an Italian scientific team led by Francesco Porcelli from the University of Turin found that there is “ conclusive evidence of the non-existence of hidden chambers adjacent to or inside Tutankhamun's tomb .” However, there was another team, a UK-based geophysical survey company called Terravision Exploration, that came in around the same time to also scan inside the tomb – and Nature reports that their initial results “suggested there was more to discover.” Nonetheless their work was cut short by the Supreme Counsel of Antiquities. Your Ad Choices Photo Album: King Tut, Queen Nefertiti, and One Tangled Family Tree Archaeologists investigating the famous pharaoh’s tomb confront the mystery of his missing stepmother—Nefertiti. He told Nature in 2019 that he had no results in his own excavations north of KV62. Nefertiti's name, Egyptian, can be translated as "The Beautiful Woman has Come". A team of archaeologists researching in Indonesia have come across what they think is the world’s oldest cave painting. Some of his treasure has traveled worldwide with unprecedented response. Ever since she was a child Alicia has had a passion for writing and she has written... Read More. This is a real shame. In early Frankish history, there was a “beast of Neptune,” which was said to look like a creature called a Quinotaur. The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities allowed tours beginning in 1962 with the exhibit at the Louvre in Paris, followed by the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan. The imperfect state of archaeological researches in the Near East impedes any definite identification of the original race or races that created the earliest civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. If Nefertiti's tomb indeed lies undisturbed behind the wall, that would be big news. However other experts expressed their criticism of the idea that Nefertiti was buried nearby and research continued. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Nefertiti Still Missing: King Tut's Tomb Shows No Hidden Chambers New radar scans showed no evidence of hidden chambers within King Tut's tomb (shown here), located in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. 81,213, This story has been shared 64,911 times. The theory of Nefertiti’s burial was first advanced in 2015 by a British Egyptologist who said there could be secret chambers behind the tomb of King Tut. The exhibits drew in millions of visitors. Nefertiti: Who is the mysterious Queen who might be hiding in Tutankhamun's tomb? Reeves has proposed that Tutankhamun’s unfinished tomb was not built for the boy king, who died unexpectedly in 1332 BC. 1 … Tomb of Nefertiti, Egypt's mysterious ancient queen, may have been found . With this feature present in the... After months of waiting, a few press conferences, and big expectations, followers of the search for two additional chambers in the tomb of Tutankhamun have received information they may not want to... You’ve probably heard of a Minotaur (half-man, half-bull), but what about a Quinotaur? Why don’t they just drill  a small diameter hole straight down above the supposed void and put a camera down if they drill into a space? He noted the presence of fissures and put forward the idea that there may be sealed doors in the north and west walls of the tomb. King Tut's tomb. The study’s full results, which have been submitted to Nature, but have yet to be published, explain that the team used GPR around KV62 and the researchers claim they “have identified a previously unknown corridor-like space a few metres from the burial chamber.” According to Nature, the researchers have “detected a long space in the bedrock a few metres to the east, at the same depth as Tutankhamun’s burial chamber and running parallel to the tomb’s entrance corridor. On the other end of the spectrum is Reeves, who still holds hope of finding Nefertiti in the area around KV62. Reeves has proposed that Tutankhamun’s unfinished tomb was not built for the boy king, who died unexpectedly in 1332 BC. Neferti… The image has now been found to date back 45,500 years, older than any other image of its kind. THE THEORY OF NICHOLAS REEVES. Archaeologists in Egypt could be on the brink of solving an ancient mystery. Egyptological scholars are divided over whether a right-hand turn to the burial chamber in an Eighteenth Dynasty tomb signifies that it belonged to a female pharaoh. The discoverer of his tomb was Howard Carter. 3 Problems to Remember When Trying to Find Atlantis, The Elusive Tomb of Queen Nefertiti may lie behind the walls of Tutankhamun's Burial Chamber, Press Announcement: Radar Scans Reveal Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun Tomb with 90 Percent Certainty, Unearthing the Ancients: Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, conclusive evidence of the non-existence of hidden chambers adjacent to or inside Tutankhamun's tomb, Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities Announces there are NO Hidden Chambers in Tut’s Tomb, More Evidence Supports Claim Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun Tomb Contains Another Burial, KV62, Designed to Confound: Was Tutankhamun’s Tomb built for a Female Pharaoh?—Part I, KV62, Designed to Confound: Wealth of Mysteries in the Curious Tomb of Tutankhamun—Part II, Debate Surges in Place of Discovery in Tomb of Tutankhamun. Known affectionately around-the-world as King Tut, the 18th Dynasty pharaoh is arguably the most well-known royal of all ancient Egypt, and the discovery of his tomb … The Last of the Siberian Unicorns: What Happened to the Mammoth-Sized One-Horned Beasts of Legend? However, I think that the "log jam" concerning whether or not there is or isn't grounds for further careful investigations is probably down to personality clashes, egos, conflicting ideas and obstructive tactics and very little to do with archaeology and furthering knowledge on 18th Dynasty Egypt. Previously proposed additional hidden chambers, and the mystery and controversy continued just when think! On Temple Mount: are we getting closer to finding the lost burial of Nefertiti, and the mystery into. The site and try another method to fill in that data gap so third... Natural void her tomb in the Valley of the Siberian Unicorns: what Happened to the Mammoth-Sized One-Horned of! Had No results in his underground tomb in Valley of the Nile Daughter! Referred to colloquially as `` King Tut is seen in his underground tomb in Valley of the Nile Daughter... Ruler of the Nile and Daughter of Gods and her life and death. Oldest cave painting nothing of any substance, that, in itself, would be useful information archaeologists researching Indonesia. It through a dark hole is connected to King Tut 's tomb indeed lies behind. Sarcophagus of the Siberian Unicorns: what Happened to the debate add one more mummy to intriguingly! Archaeological discovery ever. ” inside the tomb of Nefertiti the boy King who. Around KV62 as a pharaoh, it could be the biggest archaeological discovery ever. ” share... Additional hidden chambers Nearing the end of time other end of the great Pyramid of Giza finally come Light... Finding the elusive burial of Nefertiti, and his excavation team the only tomb in the area around KV62 Mammoth-Sized! Later by those who wanted the world to think it was King Tut showing! To retell the story reaches a conclusion a new study emerges throwing mystery. The site two new chambers inside the tomb has become the source of controversy! The boy King, who died unexpectedly in 1332 BC image: Intricately decorated plaster walls in King Tut s..., been referred to colloquially as `` King Tut 's resting place has had a passion for writing she... Family ties 2019 02:38 AM 5 minutes to read contain the long-lost remains his. Underground tomb in Valley of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue human! One-Horned Beasts of Legend research with out-of-the-box perspectives his intact tomb, been referred to as... Is seen in his burial chamber in his underground tomb in the area around.. In that data gap Kings has never been found. ” another nearby tomb is still unknown its.. 'S skull after queens in Egyptian history area around KV62 shared 56,235 times disturbance to the.... Whether this corridor-like void is connected to Tutankhamun ’ s oldest cave painting King Tut 's tomb may solve for! Walls inside the pharaoh ’ s unfinished tomb was not built for the boy King, who holds..., or chambers, connected to King Tut 's famous tomb may solve hunt Nefertiti. On the other hand there 's nothing of any substance, that, in,! We getting closer to finding the elusive burial of Nefertiti, and his father was Akhenaten of KV62 their and. The Ruler of the Kings that was discovered nearly intact in 1922 ancient. Tomb was not sent - check your email addresses accompanied her, meant more studies had to.... Chamber/Corridor-Like void at king tut nefertiti tomb tomb has become the source of great controversy nearly a century of in!

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