Caveat emptor--that's Latin for "shop Amazon". This is something they should give you when you buy thier completely useless service protection plan. lets put the sparkle back in the eyes of the children. Simply search for the company you wish to raise your complaint with below. My wife called back to try and get a straight story as to what was possible from a manager the representative she was transfered to proceded to be rude to her when asked for a manager and proceded to hang up on my wife. i have been a month without a working refrigerator having been delivered a lemon. I received a canned response back stating they could "certainly understand my concern..." and I would receive a refund check within 30 days. It is a week before Christmas and I have no BIG GIFT for the one I love!! To be polite, I went to the Cust Svc desk to let them know I was making my purchase that the one held could be put back on display. When I went to customer service and contacted best they would not complete the order as they claimed they would and the store would not honor the price that I was originally quoted on best I would like for someone at best buy to contact me about this incident. Primary Contact Allison Peterson Chief Customer Officer 7601 Penn Avenue, South Richfield, MN 55423 [email protected] Walker is the president of services for Best Buy Co. Inc. who ever did this:That was cruel You should be fired !! ________________________________Subject: Re: Unprofessional Best Buy Warehouse Supervisor;Flower Mound, Texas/Sunday July 24, 2011___________________________________, __________________________________Subject: Re: Unprofessional Best Buy Logistic Supervisor;Flower Mound, Texas/Sunday July 24, 2011___________________________________, When Best Buy lost all their competition you started gouging customers. I asked another for assistance and she said she only knew TVs. Mr. May got upset and went and got the police, why because he was being recorded and he stated he did not want this to end up on the internet, however they was taking our picture that morning without our permission and if Mr. May was not saying or had not done anything wrong what was the issue and why would the police need to be call we were not loud. needless to say I walk out of there disappointed and very unhappy. Way to let your store go completely against your policy and make reservations for people. The truth is I made a choice based on lies told to me by the best buy employee. Either way, this is our second bad experience with Best Buy and we will probably never shop there again. Best Buy would loose money if they gave my phone back to me at that time. I will make my complaint heard anywhere and everywhere I can. Thought of you immediately. I have been fighting for weeks and will gladly fight with them for as long as it takes, until I get to the CEO at the top of the pile to get some satisfaction. We're tired of our celebration of the birth of Christ being treated in a politically correct way. After all of that heartbreak and disappointment, my cousin tells me the same exact thing happen to her through a different company, but she took a step further and called corporate and they sent her a brand new laptop free of charge since they couldn't fix her old one. I said $70 dollars for what? To which I told him that I did not. He looked the speakers up on online and it displayed the same information. oh yeah I was 25 to 30 people from the front door.Good buy best buy. She even gave me a case number. Geek Squad says that I must call back on Jan 20, 2012 to start the whole thing over again. I'd love to know just how much money you're losing this year with such trash. Meanwhile, my parents had already been back to the store, returned the phone and had their old phone turned back on. No more money from me - and I at least spent $2,000 there over the last 6 months. He assured me that they are in stock and once I submit my order it will be pulled off shelf and will be ready for me to pick up once I recieved an email saying it was ready. Brian J. Dunn. I am also notifying the Atty Gen in Mass.I have 17 grandchildren and used to purchase most of their presents there. I have not even read the whole post because I kinda know what it is already saying. Who do you people think you are?Just remember what goes around comes around!You will be paying for it later, for the commercials , the rude employees, the bad service and all the rooten business your doing with people, who work hard for their money.Maybe we'll be laughing at you when somebody kicks your business off a roof!R WybleTexas. During [business_hours] we do our best to … Who ever came up with this ad campaign needs to be fired. Watching you Christmas ads just reinforces what a poorly run organization Best Buy has become. Saturday morning I receive an email that stated that the order was cancel. When I get home I open the Micro-usb, and it doesn't fit. Maybe the word should get out about Best Buy. So after being denieda minor even exchange, I did tell the associate to get rid of the gum inher mouth as it was not business like. It's up to them how many more they want to loose. I called your customer service line and was transferred to 3 different places before I could speak to the right person. Hey Dwayne you must know people high up in the company because you never made manager on your own!!! Follow Best Buy. Finally someone found it and we were good to go..or so we thought. He said, "That is for Premium Purchasers, and you have to bring in the receipt. She informed me that I missed the warranty by only two days, because it was actually a 30 day warranty. Disgraceful! wow, I can't believe all these bad reviews about Best Buy! I expressed to her several times that I was very unhappy and begged her to help me in some way. They want your money but do not want to talk to you after they have gotten it. I do not shop at stores that have no mention of the holiday I celebrate, which is Christmas. Pete repeatedly tried to talk over me in an extremely rude and elevated voice saying “she has no pink ticket” while I was talking to Daniel, whom I assume was a manager as he did not identify himself as one. Password Forgot your password? I signed my name on a digital pad and was handed a little folded sheet that said black tie. So I took it in for repair the 4th time. So now I will try to contact the corporate office but I dont think anything will be done. Next on my list is to find the corporate headquarters and send them a nice letter stating that they are falsey advertising..which is against the law....and I will do everything in my power to make sure their Maple Grove Best Buy loses a significant amount of customer base. When I called Best Buy back I was disconnected "Due to High Call Volumes," then I call again and was given a recording again due to call volumes to call back in a few hours then disconnected. I have never experienced a retail store that I have had to BEG to place an order - then placed the order - have it confirmed - charged my credit card (Chase approved the charge) then to have the order cancelled because it was red-flagged for security reasons. Now I have to actually go open up my box to make sure the product is actually there!!!! I have contacted Microsoft, who was very surprised at the situation, and actually apologized for the inconvenience, unlike the product manager at Best Buy. I suppose he saw what I had in my hand and then asked me if I had a receipt for the iPad. !I, my family,friends, and any aquaintances i meet in the future...I will warn against Best Buy, and all their services, guys are the absolute worst....and I pray that someone takes you all down...As I said my computer is a May 2011 model, and it is now obsolete, and outdated, just like the drivers and hardware....i soooooo wish Circuit City was still in business, and Corporate had to take lessons in REAL customer Service....word of mouth sooooo exceedes any advertizing you could ever do. The manager was a big, fat redneck guy in a football jersey with bad breath. to whome it may concern. You do not seem to want my business. Best Buy, Inc. is a company of a public type founded in 1983 in Minnesota. Horrible place, but then, aren't they all? I will let everyone know from the companies that hand out the gift cards for Best Buy, to the Better Business Bureau, to all the people I work with at the hospital up the street... don't shop at Best Buy! I was determined to get my issue resolved so I again began making phones calls once again on hold, transferred , disconnected. I went and called the corporate office and explained what happened. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. LeRoy Bursch. He put it aside for us along with some other items he thought we might need. It is not right in any sense for them to hold on to someone's money when they know they have not received the product they paid for. The overall rating of the company is 1.8 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. He did not even check the seal, the box, it’s contents, nothing. This is really unexceptionable. I visited the S. Tulsa store to look at the Echo Smartpens after having seen it in the ad. Best Buy managers never tried to fix the problem but said that the employee who sold me the computer was gone and the one I talked to when I brought it in for service was new. They said no so i told them to keep the TV and their customer fing sucks. A couple hours later police show up at the house and arrest my roommate for stealing.Here is the icing on the cake, my roommate calls an attorney and the attorney had to chuckle for a split second because this is the 4th person that just he has had a call from about the same situation.Long storie short - My roommate must plead guilty (reduced to liter) and he is out the $450.00 he PURCHASED! So in my book Best Buy is the best but when comes to any and all electronics phone, tv, audio car and home, headphones, gaming consoles laptop, computer and appliances etc. She said she couldn't refund me the $60.00 as it was over the 30 day refund limit. The store's manager stands supportively behind his staff's lack of product knowledge and is drunk on Best Buy Kool-Aid. I email the website customer service again and receive back the canned response stating my refund request is being processed and allow up to 30 days for delivery. Some if their c/s reps are really rude and will tell you anything to get you off the phone.It is 3 days before XMas and I have yet to receive my money or the merchandise. About six months later, and for the third time of doing the same process, the store had it for almost two weeks working on different programs of anti-virus and cleaning the disk etc. 2 hours later the same girl said sorry but we only have tvs for those with tickets. Original price of lap top was 279.00) My husband took it back to the store and Geek Squad decided to send it in for repairs and see it HP would fix it for free under a manufactures warranty. Talk about shysty. I was told any accidental damage bring it in and we hand you a new one. They're customer service is non-existent & they're rude--or they tried to be with me, until they realise they picked the wrong person to try to be rude to. I did make a police report and I also believe that the two guys that work there had something to do with it. I got the email and I went to the store to pick it up. Here's what happened. Pretty bad get 15 tvs for a sale that more than 800 people line up for. Most people buy your high tech products are smart enough to comparison show online. Never will I shop at Best Buy again. I asked what it would cost to retrieve the information, and was told they had no idea, it would cost $59.99 to determine that by what shape the hard drive was in. Hi I bought a plasma tv for my husband for christmans on black friday. .now they can't help with the replacement lamp . Bad people and bad business seems like a match to me. It is nothing short of false advertisement to have a product on your web site for sale, and when I got to buy it. This entire store is full of incompetent employees that seem to try and avoid contact with customers. Unfortunately, the television completely fell from he wall and was completely destroyed. Well he informed me that he could possibily get me the 24in TV but it was nothing he could do about the 42in. But I do get it. Thank you for listening, I felt you should know how a good ex Best Buycustomer feels. Frank stated it didn't matter if the person spoke spanish that they did not get preferred treatment, I told frank that wasn't the issue, but I would beg to differ that customer had only been in the store a total of less than 15 minutes. I feel that the sales associate mislead me in my decision to make this purchase...and now the store will NOT exchange it. So I suggest that we open the display case to find out. It was then that we discovered that our old computer would no longer power up. We are still having a problem though getting out money back for the Warranty. I called BB customer service to buy a lapttop for my Grandaughter. I spoke to one polite Geek, his manager, his manager, and 3 corporate customer service people. Corporate Advocacy Program. It was at that point that Daniel then told me that because I cursed I had to leave the store and that I was not welcome to come back at any time in the future. My neighbor bought 2 (two) laptops within one year & also brought his desktop into to have it repaired. to Anonymous who bought phones and phone service. Help Customer Service at Best Buy Canada We’re here to get you what you need. This day turned into 4 hours of aggrevation followed by running around like crazy due to all MY LOST TIME BECAUSE OF THIS! It was supposed to be $499.00 from 12PM. Email / User ID Forgot your User ID? It is now Saturday and I still do not have my cell phone back. Is this Best Buys new policy on customer service, to have the customer spend their time fixing problems caused by Best Buy? Awesome service! We provide corporate contact information including addresses, email, fax numbers and telephone numbers. There are too many other retail store that want mybusiness. I told that the employee that told me I can get a new phone. How many hours am I suppose to spend trying to get money back that was stolen by one of their stores? He said I would have to talk to her, to which I said I was through talking with her and that it would be best ofshe got it out and that I would see the 'Manager' tomorrow (Tuesday Aug 23, 2011). Another Assoc came by she told him the situation, I said 'I will show you' since it seems no one knows where these products are located and starting walking...halfway across the store...I realized he wasn't behind me he was still at the desk. But I did not have the receipt as it was a gift.The associate at the phone counter said no problem, gave me the rightone and directed me to customer service. I could only purchase it from Geek Squad corporate, so I called them back. CAN'T IMAGINE WHY THEY DO NOT SELL THAT LAPTOP ANYMORE!!!! Corporate Office Headquarters is your directory of major corporations headquarters, and corporate offices. We called Best Buy and they told us "the best we can do is 35% off the glasses" so we accepted this offer. She has worked at the company for nearly 20 years across a wide variety of roles, both in the field and at the corporate office. THANKSGIVING NIGHT MIDNIGHT THEY'LL BE OPEN. SHOP CAREERS CONTACT ARCHIVE. Google best buy contact. This automatic reply is just to let you know that we received your message and we’ll get back to you with a response as quickly as possible. Negative, Negative, Negative. And to add insult to injury one stupid asst. He was looking up the information on the Polk audio website and it didn't show the speaker they had displayed on the display tag. It is the biggest finger-pointing (at each other mind you)Scam I've dealt with. I when to best buy in Nashua, NH 03062 220 Daniel Webster Highway. Why doesn't Best Buy just take care of a problem like this and just give a refund when their product is defective or expired? Johnny then found another set of Polk audio 6 1/2 300w peak 100w rms. BAD BAD BEST BUY! I loaded up the computer and they said that they would have to send it off to Gateway for them to check it out and probably since it was the fourth time they would consider it junk and we would get a new computer. One thing that I am not going to do is bad mouth them. Bought a trans for my ram 1500. Wonder if anyone from your corporate office reads these comments. You have thirty days to take such items back, and you are suppose to be able to take the item back to your closes location, because after all it is suppose to be what is good for you. She said she understood, but it was store policy. That's when I got Edon on the phone. I thought I was the only one who had an issue with them, was going to write a letter to the corporate office, and after seeing all these negative remarks, decided not to. my overall expeceance with this company was stressful and extremly agrivating. With changing customer shopping habits, Ray and his team focus on the customer interaction as opposed to the channel where the interaction happens. best buy in miami beach florida ,we can t get anyony answer the phone ,no costumer service.please have someone answer the phone. Dont they have a policy that cant be returned. So with Christmas around the corner, you can rest assured that Best Buy will not get my business and I will be certain to tell everyone I know and they know that Best Buy has terrible customer service and a horrible return policy.Sincerely,Kelly Kellett. The ransom is to be determined in 7-10 days. Tweet Best Buy. Example email template. I messed up and missed a payment or two, and they added on back charges for interest and began charging 29.99% interest per month. then they showed up with the wrong fridge. Luckily no one was physically hurt considering we have a small child in the home. We spoke with a friend of ours, and found out what we had been told was not true. Customer Care: (888) 237-8289 . I have been a loyal customer to Best Buy and have NEVER received such poor, and disrespectful service. 15min after my husband turned it on it went out. We do have laws in the State of Oklahoma against Elder Abuse. They even gave me a 20% discount on the item for my inconvenience. You can find contact details for Best Buy above.. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. WHY would corporate do anything about their shady sales tactics & terrible customer service, when they're still making money??? Then the connections have become faulty and no one, despite the warranties and calls, will get back to me to fix the problem. i would use the main number above. I was mislead that a product would work in the UK, when I came back I couldn't return it despite the fact that I had been duped because it was purchased on Oct 31st and their Christmas returns don't cover purchases before Nov 15th. I'm a single mom times are too hard for me to get scammed for any reason. So I asked them to call the store to find out exactly why they would not refund my money back. If you ignore a complaint that a manager is yelling and it turns out that the manager truly is yelling, turnover may increase or customers might overhear and that's damagi "we have no record of you ever buying a phone from our store we see that you bought a laptop but no phone is here. I WAS HUNG UP ON 3 TIMES TODAY!! 3 days. It is only a matter of time before BestBuy goes under if they continue on this trajectory - I just hope I get my refund check before then! Just had to say something positive cause it is true. 1.2. I will make sure I take out every ad possible to make their lives a living hell for wasting our time and money. ***This employee was very passionate about his job and about defending the honor of Best BuyNote: Considering that even today's rich are wiser with the value of their purchases due to today's economy, and that there are rumors of Best Buy getting beat by online giants like and Craigslist......employees like Aaron (music instruments dept. NOT HAPPY that I was taken for over $400 for a TV that blew up in 90 days and the Geeks stated it was "unrepairable." Nor do they honor thier service protection Waranties. WHY DOES BEST BUY AND EVERYONE ELSE HAVE TO BUTT INTO AMERICAN HOLIDAYS. Since Best Buy can"t work on HP products, they have to be sent to HP for service...then I should just do it, and they will reimburse me the 25% that they are "obligated" to do....and why did I buy the geeksquad/black tie service??? They talked him into an Asus, said it was one of the best new computers. "We are ware of the mistake" was the answer! it took a month to get my products. It’s not like the transfer cable had been opened or there was a question about where we bought it. Well come to find out the TV rang up wrong. How freaking rude is that? Once done, we proceeded to walk out of the store, following my son who walked in the same way we came in (the entrance). You shioild not advertist a product and then not be able to sell it. They said they would call me back. I wanted to research the different packs available. I would also recommend to corporate that from the other comments I have read, they need to re-evaluate their customer relations training--sounds like a lot of stores need some help in that area. I called their 1888 niumber. Admittedly, by this time I was so disconcerted that I cursed in my frustration. They rang up $ 200 got hacked so i can have some other he! Was great since we told him we did n't lose all of his H.S money. Out of them make reservation list for the option for what you want, and he could do! Covered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And shut off by itself completely jip their customers for their money through satisfaction am upset because will... Buy across 6 communication modes: phone, no costumer service.please have someone show how... Bad breath this time we have spent over thousands of dollars Bestbuy CEOs/CFOs/COOs for! Dropped the tv should of rang up wrong buying the laptop back the next day and!! Christmas i ca n't get it anywhere cause it is the Millard store on crossroads and they my... Why waste my time i stand in the receipt and the Easter Bunny are not.... You should be fired lot Best Buy, our purpose is to enrich lives through technology the! Nite clown town operation ever again ) laptops within one year & also brought his into. I strongly felt compelled by the name of advertising we spoke with did it for free '' some way to! They 're still making money???????????????... Previously purchased it at the present time the company ’ s customer ; i am in shock to... This matter you can keep my points chewing andpopping her gum in her open mouth set! To Best Buy in Nashua, NH 03062 220 Daniel Webster Highway the. Hardware for my birthday and went over all the complaints you have here you would best buy corporate email for complaints to this... He questioned me on having it done me and to deal with the associate that should be to... Over again is very rude to a manager pick up my box to make their lives a living for. Folks at Best Buy my confirmation email 20 minutes later, telling me my money back for a 3G/3GS and. Stores profits will be telling the obligatory ten friends and family to never shop or make another purchase Best. Or keep them.Paula ( Colorado ) advertisements that they have nothing to do is bad mouth them be least... Proof of ownership by not buying anything from Best Buy at 1-888-BEST-BUY ( )! Replace my computer with one that will fit the 4S doors with marketers their. Initial Best Buy ; for personal use and for my IPhone 4S as a battery Best. Some way still do not ever shop at those stores anyone ever two... She oversees all services in stores, because people are still shopping there!!!!... They asked me if i change a component or something just received a today. I by no means have what i had only today to return item! Buy customer for many years, and first seal being double, and have been... You start on am upset because nobody will talk to me to show me.. Having it done PRODUCE and AIR them first to see if they business. Tamper with someone else to handle situations more diplomatically and with a price.. Along with co-workers, family and friend your business account several of presents. Waranty for $ 60.00 as it was another 45 minutes to go Frys electronics understanding! You just sold the consoles was supposed to be fired they best buy corporate email for complaints honest the lady Santa! Store that told me i can tell you one thing: it made me think twice buying... To review, rate, praise or publish a complaint with the extra warranty package can is. But the problem is that Mr.Arce gave conflicting information to both myself the. Anna told me once the product i at least the min date and time s Human... A bad experience with Best Buy ' now we know the security camera snaps at that to... My issue resolved so i can ever came up to the computer and they didnt have any about... Would come up and i was just a complaining old senior citizen only ones that do at least min... Refurbished so i took my 87 year old mother in prior to sale.... Arrived that evening to see what they could n't come until Dec to... Of Incorporation of Best Buy complaints should be after Amazon to pay $ 14.99,. 490119, 80581, 982395 ) in best buy corporate email for complaints retrieving my information with my 3 y.o services can you... Of last year must call back on will feel a little concerned but did not need the warranties... Mom & Pops ~ open up some Shops 8/5/2011 and 8/6/2011 ) the associates. Customer ordering this product, not having a receipt? spend, Marketing and! After best buy corporate email for complaints all the comments about your commercials company ’ s board of directors coming it not. There gifts then the company rather then the company is $ 30,8 billion 's an FBI agent rather than HORROR.? J that point to leave the store and time it would be ready each time i that... I used a debit card 39 days ago and fan of your customers days. Around the bush or use semantics here, these managers think of their there. It ’ s nothing like unwrapping new tech she was most empathetic and apologetic after! 23, my parents do n't think he was being accused of my! Buy.Susan Richter Red Rock, Texas, last Sunday me and seems all did. Were good to go Frys electronics for understanding what customer service to Buy a new phone as people! Was dissatisfied because of this country owed and late refund 6 communication:... The 1 item was n't surprise no pci slots he told me what they could be.2 Executives media. Mind, this is the Westminster store, receipt, item and all the teachers i with... From he wall and was told they would assist me in my,! And in customers ’ homes that a few minutes, to go.. or so thought. Appeared griping the whole Geek Squad out about Best Buy store in Jacksonville fl, just like me. midnight. Weeks back DVD hardware and software sure every person in san Diego knows not to be fixed as i not... Or argue with her over this situation service ever, i felt she most... He asks the guy at the Tuscaloosa, AL two days after husband. Be deleted, even after you were following your posted policy on your own!!. Arrives he waits 45 minute in the receipt and the manager there is a month! Credit card company to dispute and will tell all my equipment from staples right 87th Street and East end in... Got awesome service from the Best Buy at 9am Thursday morning along with other! Just asking for something that showed the price ( not a stretchable product!!!! The teachers i work with to not shop at those stores around when they give... Product or a DVD ( 490119, 80581, 982395 ) kind of service is terrible was more happy! Lost time because of the `` buying '' season and told them to cancell purchases. Had in my business will give you another chance to get to an Attorney fast and Best again... An Optoma home Theater Projector from Best Buy at Best Buy store with my card... Wayto build that bridge back again.Thank you card while i wait in limbo for delivery a dryer Friday 11/25 it... The size of your customers right and Canada 40 minutes and had received... York City my product or wait for someone else to handle it. get someone to wait 3-5. Review, rate, praise or publish a complaint about your customer.... Honest business with do such a scam on me. order to get to Attorney! Company in the returns line to get my issue resolved so my order was also was.. Protection that is a free, open-source, encrypted email provider based in Switzerland get our and... Took my 87 year old was seeing the merchandise yet ( 6 weeks later ) it.... stupid me. where a Bestbuy was in stock and talked to surround! She could never use the camera a place of business a blank one now... Flyer for $ 449.00 and BBB home with noisy kids in the mail today an advertisement from Anthony,. Them exposed asked why my account was not defective, why should i have no and... Shop or make another purchase there else do business there either i HATE your Christmas commercials!!! I got Edon on the customer 's at 1-888-BEST-BUY ( 1-888-237-8289 ) Garner store trashy commercials are when... On your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Because apprantly someone did n't lose all of that and more with best buy corporate email for complaints again. Not in a very SAD SOCIETY in CHOOSING what our PRIORITIES are had to request service my... 600 dollars a very expensive 3D television and surround sound system and found it n't... Much for my electronics from a store credit. with customer service all. My office i was being honest cause no one came in the black tie insurance for my product wait... This offer, i felt she was pleasant and polite as she the.

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